Otherwise known as Cannabidiol. CBD is one of the 400+ chemical compounds found in cannabis sativa also called Hemp Plants.

The seeds and flower of hemp plants are incorporated into thousands of products such as health foods and organic body care.

CBD is often confused with THC, another chemical compound found in Cannabis Sativa, also called Tetrahydrocannabinol. Unlike, THC -which is commonly linked with the cannabis plant as creating a “high”- CBD has zero psychoactive effects on a person.

CBD Hemp can be manufactured into oil, liquid, capsules, wax, lotion & creams. It can be added into organic health care or beauty routines. As well as made into meals or food such as chocolate, candy, gummies, cookies, pancakes, honey and much more..

Its health benefits include pain relief, skin healing, anxiety reducing, anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure properties. It reduces the risk of diabetes and also helps maintain brain health.

As you can see, the opportunities with CBD are quit limitless and what could be better than an organic alternative?


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